Veasna Nak Snorng Trokol [24 End]

What happens when perhaps of the best eatery on the planet loses its mystery ingredient recipe? Wen-Ji, a well known café in Hong Kong, is viewed as one of the "World's 10 Best Restaurants" and has gotten the business' tremendously desired two Michelin stars for the beyond five years. Big names and tycoons rush to Wen-Ji, providing it with the moniker of the "Affluent Restaurant." But emergency hits when the café's pioneer, Jiang Xin Mei, swoons one day and passes out, passing on her two children without the capacity to make their unique extraordinary mystery ingredient. The children are compelled to open the protected store box yet they find that the recipe is absent and just an old business card in its place. Chris, the more youthful child, follows the location on the business card to Taiwan, enrolling the assistance of local escort Yeh Xiao He. However, their journey to find the mystery ingredient drives them to Xiao He's old neighborhood town of Hon-li, where they find that Chris and Xiao He's destinies are weaved unexpectedly. Will Chris find the mysterious recipe he looks for or will he uncover other privileged bits of information that he won't ever expect?

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